that which is bigger than us

by | May 30, 2020

Zoom screenshotWhile the world feels completely upside down, I just participated in a remarkably hopeful and intimate graduation ceremony – where I received a hard-earned Master’s degree in Education- via Zoom.

I didn’t expect to be alone on this day, none of us did. Ironically, in the physical space between us I was reminded that separation is a narrative that can be rewritten. Today my colleagues and I bridged the physical distance by connecting our hearts to one another and to something bigger than all of us; our work as educators who can affect the future of humanity, one child and family at a time.

In the big picture, perhaps this gathering of souls is a small thing. To transform bigger, deeper, older separation gaps requires gigantic presence and commitment. I get that, and I’m not diminishing the collective pain of this moment in history.  At the same time, I am proud of us.