by | Jan 6, 2024

This is my mother’s drawing, titled “Epiphany.” She drew it one year when she wasn’t able to find a suitable card depicting the Three Kings which, in her words, allowed her the full 12 days after Christmas to complete holiday cards and gifts. Ma said, “Epiphany reminds us that we don’t have to rush…”

Epiphany: a manifestation of Love as seen through the eyes of the Magi; an explosive awareness — a big “aha!” in the day-to-day that brings us instantly to our own attention. A revelation: the mysteries within come with innate instruction to slow down, pay attention, don’t lose sight of the miracle that is you and never, ever, sacrifice your heart at the altar of another person’s expectation. And remembering that we are already whole, despite the incessant voices that seek to undo us, upend us, refuse us.

In this season of holy days, may our words and actions align; may our hearts and hands be kind; and may we always embrace the love that is seeking us — and gently let the rest go.

Happy New Year. May peace prevail.