every life matters

by | Jun 17, 2022 | 2 comments

Every animal I’ve ever had in my life, from childhood onward, has been a rescue. Cats, dogs, fish, the odd gerbil, and one badly injured field mouse my son picked up and carried next door to the ER tech who kindly splinted it’s tiny leg. I’m sure our kind neighbor knew the mouse wouldn’t survive the night but nonetheless took the time to model genuine care and empathy for an impressionable child. Because every life matters.

Fast forward: this sweet guy, Rocky, started life with an abusive owner who kept him tethered on a short chain for more than a year until, at long last, the scared pup was rescued by our dear friend, Michelle, who knew she couldn’t keep him but nonetheless chose to save his life. It took a year to find this precious boy a forever home with my son. He’s a wee bit rough around the edges, and needs a lot of training, but Rocky is pretty much the sweetest doggo I’ve ever met and our family is better for his having joined us.