lessons in living harmoniously

by | Feb 3, 2021

Butterfly on a fingertip

I have been thinking a lot about the big, essential work of transformation. Flexing, bending, re-forming ourselves around temporary circumstances.

Amidst a steady stream of stories illuminating the potential viciousness of humans, and our desperate attempts to override the laws of nature, Nature herself invites us to connect with our better essence. We can learn transformative strategies by watching how other creatures do it.

Last fall a caterpillar teacher took up residence on my dining room table, giving me a front row seat for the transformation show of a lifetime. I learned so much watching the stages of metamorphosis, against a backdrop of human-created social injustice and viral chaos.

I’ve begun writing the transformative story of Fred the Monarch. May my heart, and yours, open to receive the wisdom and infinite hope of bees and butterflies, trees and rocks. Bless the wise creatures who show us how to live in harmony with our nature rather than in resistance to it.